Hummingbird Margarita. Literally.

Sunday, September 18th, 2016

Debi on the deck at Hummingbird Farms with her beloved Standard Poodle 'Big'. 

It is September in the Texas Hill Country, a beautiful time of year.  But - I am having empty nest syndrome.  Literally.  My hummingbirds have flown the nest; I guess headed south to beautiful parts unknown.  It is only mid-September, and we typically have our Hummingbirds out here into early October, so perhaps the Farmers Almanac is right and we are headed for a cold winter.  

I miss my hummers. I look forward all year to them showing up.  I feed them, I baby them, I talk to them, I take countless pictures and videos of them.  My friends get sick of me talking about them ...

But alas, I have created a way to feel close to my hummingbirds ALL year - even when they aren't around.  

I had a busy travel week and when end of day Friday finally rolled around I decided I was due a tasty margarita.  Not to mention it was September 16th - Mexican Independence Day, so of course it only made sense! So I yelled for my bartender (Jack, my husband) and placed my order, and waited outside on the deck for my order to arrive.  Moments later my bartender Jack was handing me a beautiful margarita with a slice of lime sans a salted rim (my preference).  I took my first sip and something was off.  Too bitter.  I tried again and it was almost even more bitter.  I had the bartender Jack take a sip and he, too, agreed it was too tart.  

What to do? 

We concluded that it needed to be sweetened up, but I didn't want to do something too Gringo like add Sprite or 7-up to it or - heaven forbid, use a mix ....  And then it hit me!

"Hey Jack, add a splash of hummingbird food to it!" 

(Because my hummingbirds prematurely flew the coop I still had a refrigerator full of their sugar water.  And I might add that it is painstakingly gut wrenching to see all that wasted hummingbird food because I miss them so). 

Guess what? It was the BEST margarita I have ever had! So good I think it is now our signature cocktail here at the farm.  In fact, just sitting here writing about it makes me want to hunt down my bartender for another...  So for your pleasure, and while the weather is still warm and so that you can dream for summer and fluttering hummingbirds a bit longer, here is THE signature 'Literally Hummingbird Margarita':

Equal parts white Tequila (come on, don't be cheap, get something really good), Cointreau, fresh squeezed lime juice, hummingbird food (sugar water).  

Now I'm off to see if I can reel the armadillo out from under our deck (our dogs think it's a real life porch monster).  

I need something new to baby, feed, and talk to.  

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